Bitcoin Bad For Retirement; Student Loan Payment Pause – Forbes

Bitcoin Bad For Retirement; Student Loan Payment Pause – Forbes

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Bitcoin has taken a beating these past few months—losing nearly half of its value after surpassing $60,000 in mid-April—but it’s back on the mend. As the price hovers around the $40,000 mark, some wary investors have leapt back onto the crypto train. Talking heads are pondering the value of bitcoin as an inflation hedge, or even as a component of your retirement account…though the tax implications require a close eye.

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Retirement’s Risk Appetite

Crypto exchange Coinbase has unveiled a new partnership that allows some customers to invest up to 5% of their retirement funds in over 50 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Sound risky? AARP’s senior policy expert thinks so, warning that crypto is “definitely not appropriate