CryptoSignals : Questions you want to ask!

Are you someone who has some idea about what crypto signals are and is just one step away from putting all his money into crypto trading? But something is still bothering you- like how exactly these signals work? Well, Read along.

How Cryptosignals get generated?

Cryptocurrency trading signals, as you might know, are the trading clues which help subscribers take an informed crypto trading decision. They can either be generated manually or automatically. In manual mode, it is a professional trader or a bunch of those, doing all the technical analysis before sending you the signals. While in Automatic mode, it is generally computer algorithms, more popularly called as bots, which do this task. Undoubtedly, a professional trader who might even have his skin in the game, sounds more reliable.

What’s the fees?

There are a lot of signals providers out there which would claim to provide you the service for free. But they are not very reliable. The more reliable ones, which actually do a good research, would reasonably charge you a subscription fee which can either be paid monthly or annually. 

Where do I receive these signals?

One option that all of them are going to provide you is Telegram. Email and sms services are also used by many. Some Crypto Signals providers even use their own standalone software applications for providing updates. Some have experimented with facebook groups as well but telegram remains the most reliable option as one gets updated almost instantaneously.

I read somewhere bots are the best way to go about Crypto Signals. Is it really so?

Crypto Trading bots are pieces of software created to make trading easier for people who are really busy. Please note that it is different from the software which automatically creates the crypto signals using algorithms. These bots receive crypto signals, generated by your signals provider, on your behalf using the APIs. Then, they take trading decisions according to the algorithms programmed into them and custom settings done by you. So, even If you are very much busy, you don’t lose out on opportunities. They keep constant vigil on the financial exchanges keeping any eye on all the market indicators. Some bots might even be programmed to generate crypto signals too. While these bots sound like a one stop solution to all your problems, their expensive costs can be a huge downside for many.

Can you suggest platforms offering both crypto signals as well as bots services?

  1. Hassonline – Claiming to be best bitcoin trading bot platform, Hassonline is definitely takes a lot of load off your shoulders with its automation services. Its bot monitors the crypto signals on its own letting you focus your energy elsewhere. And that is not it’s only plus point. Being so versatile, as to work with more than 20 exchanges, it supports several popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex. It targets a large audience base by dealing in other altcoins apart from bitcoin. But the bad part is that its UI is not that user friendly, especially for the newcomers. Its general lack of advanced features for very advanced users is something that stands out a lot too.
  2. Crypto Base Scanner: Established by a software engineer, this one stands out due to its claim of using the all-AI model to turn your investments profitable. It uses market data to do analysis using complex algos and keeps you updated through app notifications and desktop alerts. For automation purposes, this one has an edge over many other market players.

Automation can sound like a lovely idea to many but without right configuration, they can turn into a nightmare quite easily. A right choice of bot and accurate setup are two essentials before outsourcing your trading work to a machine.